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Create transparency. Shape innovations. Control growth.


Lean.IQ Exchange makes consulting channels more digital. But the goal remains the same: stable success for the customer, expert knowledge, the right experience and industry-specific, comprehensive know-how help you to find the right answers to all your questions. We know their challenges and are well prepared. Together with our technology partners, we offer the right concept solutions. Visit our marketplace!




Our continuously growing marketplace offers numerous concepts and application solutions that drastically accelerate the transition from a short-term project-oriented approach to a product-oriented organization. With digital access, you can start using the application straight away: this saves time and money. In addition, we are there for you at all times and accompany you as a partner and coach.



By converting individual protocol types, Lean.IQ brings data from any machine controls to a data bus.

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Industrial sensors transform production halls into networked, cost-effective and reliable factories of the future.


Distributed Edge Computing increases the security, flexibility and profitability of industrial IoT networks.



From the analysis of historical data to the intuitive visualization of information for the user in the cloud.



Customer testimonials

Success stories

Here customers tell how Lean.IQ supports them in creating agile innovation structures and helping to shape the future of their company.

Discover innovative solution concepts and benefit from the digital knowledge and expert database.


Good advice is attitude, craft and experience at the same time. For over 100 use cases, Lean.IQ offers clear consulting concepts right from the start, with templates for project management and live coaching - virtually or in-house.

Customer testimonials


Discovery & Scoping

Practical examples

Use the Lean.IQ templates (trends, technologies, opportunities and more) for a quick project start. In your project you will receive comprehensive support in capturing current content, including the latest trends and technologies

Solution design

Structure the change

The right combination of collaborative, creative and systematic innovation methods is a decisive success factor for the development, evaluation and elaboration of innovative concepts, products and services. .

Integrate & Deploy

One goal together

Lean.IQ supports the establishment of secure processes and the continuous implementation of individual process steps. Maximize the success in change management through the use of a comprehensive system of indicators. 



Practical example

Here is a sample onboarding plan for Lean.IQ Professional. This plan covers a selection of the most popular topics. After deciding on one of the Lean.IQ packages, the goals and content will of course be adapted to your specific business requirements.

The Lean.IQ platform gives you access to expert knowledge in the areas of innovation, analysis and strategic growth. Cross-industry information gives you a 360 ° view that supports you in finding the right answers even for complex topics.

Lean.IQ Professional Onboarding Plan

Technical and strategic introduction to the configuration and use of Lean.IQ. This is a sample onboarding plan for Lean.IQ Professional.

A Lean.IQ Professional Onboarding usually lasts 6 weeks with a video workshop per week as well as lots of additional information and materials for elaboration and development in the meantime. Each workshop includes a Q&A part. This sample plan focuses on getting to know the platform and how it can be used to work with trending and technology data.


Phase 1

Let's get started!


Phase 2

Systematic work with trends and technologies


Phase 3

Define routines and processes

Week 01: Assessment and definition of project scope

Together with your core team, they are picking up speed. Start with specific details about your company and describe your value creation process - with Lean.IQ you will learn more about the potential fields and can put together the appropriate content for further project work


  • Basics of the Lean.IQ method

  • Summary of the project requirements

  • The logic behind multiple value streams

Week 02: Definition of the project phases

Lean.IQ supports you in structuring your ideas. The high level concept contains specific information on the areas of effort, innovation and growth and presents best practices for implementation.

Contents :

  • Elaboration of an overall project plan with the corresponding added value potential

  • Best practice exchange about the way Lean.IQ works

  • Embedding the Lean.IQ benchmarking for innovation and strategy work in your organization

Week 03: Project plan and timeline

Developing a common language is the key to being efficient, creating transparency and avoiding misunderstandings. On the basis of best practices, you begin to define individual work steps for the project. At the end of this week you will have a complete overview of the tasks to be done, as well as a capacity and resource plan.

Contents :

  • Division of tasks according to entity types (e.g. trends, technologies, risks, signals, inspirations)

  • Definition of task content and specific goals

  • Transparent overview for the project management office to monitor progress

Week 04: Project work and success measurement

Systematic, collaborative evaluation of the work results. Support with specific bottlenecks in order to keep to the schedule.

Contents :

  • Collecting, evaluating, selecting and processing the results

  • constant, automated flow of information to the core team

Week 05: Implementation of the results

With the first results it is now time to implement. What should an innovation team look like and how can knowledge be optimally used within your organization? Take advantage of the opportunity to set up a toolbox with different formats in order to involve and inspire all users in the long term.

Contents :

  • Development of an innovation community with an understanding of the various roles including scouts, innovation managers, experts

  • Selecting purpose-built engagement tools for your use cases

Week 06: Use your advantages

Based on the findings of the past few weeks, they establish a routine plan. Lean.IQ helps you and your organization to understand the result and to measure the advantages achieved during operation.

Contents :

  • Routines for planning including processes for evaluation and role-based engagement

  • Identification of the most important factors for your continuous improvement process

See for yourself and try it out!

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Ralf Pühler

Chief Executive Officer

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