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Exosite: the advanced IoT platform for mission critical insights

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

by Steve VanderSanden

ExoSense™ is a ready-to-deploy condition monitoring application that provides operational insight into high-value assets, systems, and equipment. It transforms the way industrial manufacturers, system integrators, and distributors bring connected products to market by making IoT more accessible from a technology perspective and more affordable from a financial perspective.

Over the last nine years as Exosite has gained in-depth experience working with industrial organizations making the transition into connected-product companies, Exosite realized that software development (i.e., the ability to assemble IoT software and tools into a complete solution) is not always a core competency for them. They often do not have software developers on staff and generally lack the time and resources to devote to connected-product development. As a result, Exosite's industrial customers often faced a long time to market and, ultimately, a long time to revenue. That's a scenario that no one wants—Exosite knew it needed to greatly simplify this process in order to enable our customers to more quickly realize value through IoT.

So, Exosite developed ExoSense, a product that pulls together advanced IoT software and tools with an end application to provide a condition monitoring solution that’s 80-90% complete. Exosite then made it incredibly simple for users to customize the last 10-20% of the solution through a configuration environment that requires zero coding—anyone can make changes to the solution to fit their business, branding, and use case, regardless of their experience with IoT technologies. This is game-changing for industrial customers, as it gives them control over their connected solutions without having to hire a team of software developers.

Exosite also built ExoSense on top of the Murano IoT platform. This ensures anyone using ExoSense inherently gets the security, scalability, and extensibility of an enterprise platform, without having to develop, maintain, or monitor the necessary infrastructure. Again, this is critically important for industrial customers who don’t have the skillset, resources, or desire to maintain an IoT platform. Instead, they can rely on Exosite's expertise, developed over a decade of IoT enablement experience, and focus their efforts on building their institutional product knowledge into a truly differentiated solution.

Because ExoSense enables users to develop, customize, and deploy connected products without coding and without building infrastructure, our industrial customers not only experience fewer technical barriers, but they also experience lower time and cost barriers. While early IoT projects were built in innovation centers within large organizations where time and money were no object, expectations have changed dramatically as IoT is operationalized in smaller divisions and organizations across the globe—it has to be faster and easier. Exosite has simplified the complexity of IoT so that ExoSense can be deployed in under an hour, ready-made devices can be connected in a day, and a solution can be in the field in a week. Organizations can get feedback and get to production with minimal up-front investment and in a reasonable amount of time—think months rather than years.

Finally, Exosite developed ExoSense to take into consideration the entire ecosystem that industrial organizations engage with. Rather than a solution that just provides insights for internal teams or customers, ExoSense accounts for common industrial hierarchies that include distributor networks and partners, service organizations, regional groups, and more. This is crucial to organizations as they consider the ROI of a connected solution—being able to provide value out of the box to multiple levels of stakeholders increases the likelihood of success, adoption, and, most importantly, revenue.

So far, Exosite has seen significant traction with industrial customers who have been able to leverage ExoSense to develop connected products without having to hire additional staff and without suffering through lengthy development cycles. To learn more about the features that are powering these results, visit the ExoSense web page or check out the ExoSense technical documentation site. If you think ExoSense might be a good fit for you, connect with us to talk through your application needs, have a transparent discussion about pricing, and see a demo—we know you’ll like what you see.

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