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Newsletter: Brewing Technology 4.0

Stable brewing and packaging processes through smart automation

Brewing beer is a millennia-old craft that is well appreciated by society. However, it is in no way dusty. Craft breweries that are springing up and a flood of instructions for the private brewing experience at home are evidence of the current beer trend. Not only major international breweries have long relied on much more than just the specifications of the Purity Law. Beer brewing is rapidly becoming intelligent, networked and about to jump into the digital age. Do we as consumers also benefit from this?

The digital change in the brewing industry is certainly not disruptive. Happily. Beer does not flow through digital interfaces and cannot be consumed virtually. However, since beer consumption in Germany has been falling continuously for around 30 years, even smaller breweries are under pressure to position themselves for the future and to open up to the changed realities of digital development in all areas of their business - the possibilities and potential of beer brewing 4.0 are enormous.

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