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Newsletter: Condition Monitoring for Smart Hydraulic Systems

Remote maintenance or remote service, or even virtual assistance systems.

The aftermarket sector is currently undergoing fundamental changes and the topic of customer satisfaction is increasingly developing into a key differentiator. So, it is definitely attractive to redesign this business area and also digitally: Today, companies generate an average of about 26% of their sales with service products, with an average margin that is four times as high as in the new machine business. In most cases it is

If you would also like to set completely new accents in customer service, then we would be happy to talk to you. Because Lean.IQ combines the performance in value stream management with proven methodology, competent consulting services and a robust partner ecosystem.

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Condition Monitoring for High Performance Hydraulic Systems

MTS Systems is a global leader in testing and simulation systems. Learn how we advanced our customer's customer service portfolio by using innovative automation.


​Starter kit for getting started quickly with condition monitoring

With the edge connect bundle, you can start with your own condition monitoring solution in just a few steps.


Condition monitoring in use at a mechanical engineering OEM

Our case study on the topic: About the use of condition monitoring and the development of new service products.


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