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Newsletter: Digital Transformation delivering new Service Solutions

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

IoT Strategy: Discover your Technology-Framework

In order for you to implement a successful IoT strategy in your company, it must create value for customers, distributors, dealers, service personnel and users. Much of this value depends on how the selected technology framework enables data to be aggregated, stored, and shared.

A common IoT deployment pattern involves a set of smart devices or sensors communicating with a gateway. This gateway device forwards the data to an IoT software platform, which stores and processes this data and makes it available to the user on dashboards. The data may also be forwarded to a back-end analysis solution. Corresponding evaluations are made available to selected divisions and employees to analyze device performance data and failure modes. Lean.IQ helps you to find a holistic approach that suits you.

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The virtual Service Technician in remote service

By using the condition monitoring solution ExoSense®, the "virtual technician" becomes reality. Using the example of WIGEN Water Technologies, how we can contribute to the development of customer-specific service solutions with the help of an innovative solution.


​Starter Kit for getting started quickly with condition monitoring

With the edge connect bunlde, you can start with your own condition monitoring solution in just a few steps.


Condition Monitoring in use at a mechanical engieering OEM

Our case study on the topic: About the use of condition monitoring and the development of new service products.


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