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Newsletter: Lean-Management improves Service-Processes

There is not such thing as the "right starting-point" into digitiztaion ... But!

Transparency in operational processes is of crucial importance for companies today, not only to curb inefficiency and waste, but also to actively shape working models, identify areas for training and generally develop opportunities for improvement.

As companies increasingly look for ways to automate the standardized work process, the need for such transparency becomes more important so that executives do not blindly make decisions.

In this context, Lean.IQ combines the classic approach with the methods of lean management. IoT solutions based on this offer a barrier-free entry into digitization. Even without a long-term strategy, certain subject areas can be explored in this way - if the corresponding added value is achieved, the solution can be scaled in just a few steps in the entire operational environment. From our point of view, there is a lot to be said for starting with a POC as well as with a strategic approach - we keep the initial project effort low so that you are successful!

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Strategy or Pilot Project - or both?

When evaluating operational processes, human observation usually does not go down to the last detail. In this context, new data and analysis technologies can provide much more objective and meaningful insights.

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​Starter Kit for getting started quickly with condition monitoring

With the edge connect bundle, you can start with your own condition monitoring solution in just a few steps

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The virtual service technician for remote monitoring

By using the condition monitoring solution ExoSense®, the "virtual technician" becomes reality. Using the example of WIGEN Water Technologies, how we can contribute to the development of customer-specific service solutions with the help of an innovative solution.


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