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Newsletter: Quality Assurance simply Digital

When it come to maximizing functionaly and performance ...

From our point of view, remote monitoring proves to be an effective technology that provides valuable data that can be used to optimize processes, reduce downtime and increase quality. Lean.IQ brings in-depth knowledge of IoT hardware, software, security and scalability to the project so that the development of a networked solution is not an insurmountable challenge for you. We combine market-leading technologies to streamline this process and enable you to rapidly deploy fully connected solutions that are secure and scalable.

Anpassbare Dashboards: Build drag-and-drop dashboards and visually communicate health with key status indicators so users can quickly take corrective action when needed.

Analytik: Detect alerts and critical conditions with out-of-the-box analytics, including persistent thresholds and comparison capabilities, to predict maintenance, improve processes, and enable machine learning.

Alarm Management: Trigger email/SMS alerts based on real-time status to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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Quality Assurance through Digitization

The quality of the concrete is a primary concern for concrete workers. Only a precise mix of aggregate, cement, water and air can ensure that concrete can withstand the daily use in buildings, roads and bridges. How to monitor the quality of the concrete during transport is presented in a case study written together with Exosite.


EUROGUSS 2022, Internationaler Druckgusstag

At the International Die Casting Day during this years EUROGUSS 2022 exhibition, we will present our results from the research project on the "digital energy and material flow model" for die casting. A platform for cross-divisional innovation through lean methods and digitization.


What exactly is Condition Monitoring about?

What does the term condition monitoring actually mean? What are the areas of application for this technology today? Find out everything about typical hardware, software and possible industry use cases.


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