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Newsletter: The right Sensor for Condition Monitoring

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Edge-Computing in IoT-Devices improves Wirless Communication even further Driven by increasing automation, there is a growing demand for large-volume, smaller systems such as machine spindles, conveyor belts, sorting tables or machine tools that require better predictive maintenance.

Machine downtime in these applications is a critical factor in terms of customer satisfaction and profitability. Historically, accelerometers were primarily used for condition monitoring of high-end heavy machinery such as windmills, industrial pumps, compressors, and HVAC systems.

However, we see an increasing demand for use in high-volume and smaller machines, driven by the digital industrial transformation. Therefore, with the Lean.IQ approach, we pay special attention to scalability and the topic "Total Cost of Ownership" right from the start. Because wireless data acquisition offers an excellent alternative as it combines a sensor, a data collector, a digital signal processor and a radio unit in one compact, battery-operated device.

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The Drive to Go from Wired to Wirless Sensors

Data transmission with the TE Connectivity 8911 Wireless Accelerometer offers significant advantages when setting up a condition monitoring solution with ExoSense® or other applications. We took a closer look at wireless data transmission.


​Starter kit for getting started quickly with condition monitoring

With the edge connect bundle, you can start with your own condition monitoring solution in just a few steps.


Condition Monitoring in use at a mechanical engineering OEM

Our case study on the topic: About the use of condition monitoring and the development of new service products.


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