With a digitally supported consultation, you already benefit from the actual analysis and the determination of potential. Optimize your profits and save time when choosing the best concepts for your value-added processes.

Make your processes more efficient, sustainable & resilient.

Wise decisions are based on clear insight. Lean-IQ equips you with the expertise you need to determine the path forward. Use the access to industry solutions, trends and voice-of-the-customer studies.

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Accelerate your AI and/or IoT project with individual help from our technology experts. From personalized brainstorming workshops to rapid prototyping engagements to more general seminars, we have got you covered.

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Digital delivery platform: Structured innovation management combined with sustainable strategy development on a digital platform. Comprehensive industry knowledge, tailor-made consulting concepts and ready-to-use application solutions accelerate your transformation into an innovation driver. With Lean.IQ you create transparency in your value creation processes and recognize your potential.

Lean.IQ solutions transform data into productivity in a wide variety of scenarios. Discover now all the solutions and innovative applications that we can offer your company. We design your individual solution to give you access to the Internet of Things. Let's connect the physical and digital worlds. Lean.IQ is your end-to-end solution provider.

Use our advisory service and our experts will share their knowledge with you. Discover all the experience you need with Lean.IQ.

We design products and processes for you! If you cannot find what you are looking for to implement a project on our marketplace, then we can of course adapt it for you.

Discover all of our solutions based on innovative technology and combine them with your application. Learn more about the power of the Internet of Things.


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